Our Mission


The Mission of Olympic Acupuncture is to live the daily commitment to provide the highest quality of care that my training and expertise allows. I commit to support and advocate for my patients’ highest and best good, as defined by them. With the aid of all modalities available to me including appropriate referrals to conventional medicine and other natural therapies, I seek to enhance the wellness of the individual body, mind and spirit. I am committed to providing an environment in which all are welcomed with respect.

I am committed to aid other Health Care Professionals and the general community in gaining knowledge and understanding of the benefits of treating patients as integrated human beings and treating all aspects of their humanity with the least invasive, most effective means possible. I am committed to aiding patients in resolving their presenting issues as quickly as possible. I will share information freely and without hesitation so that patients may advance their own cause through positive changes in their lives.

I understand and respect the complex nature of our human experience and seek to celebrate our shared experiences with an open mind, heart and spirit. I am committed to teach by example and vigorously seek my own wholeness with the compassion and humor.

In Wellness!