“I was recommended to Pat Flood by someone I least suspected of believing in acupuncture – a true blue “Western medicine” type person.  I was having severe allergy problems, particularly with my eyes.  I was cleaning my contacts at least 5 times a day and was generally fuzzy headed, listless and all around feeling miserable.  After a few treatments and some supplements recommended by Pat, my allergies gave me no more grief through a bad allergy season.  It was unbelievable how effective acupuncture treatments were for my allergies.  I also have used acupuncture to deal with pain, as I have arthritis in my knees.  I am an avid runner and have been for 40 years.  It has helped tremendously.  However, the miracle occurred when I developed pain in my sciatic nerve from my hip to my foot.  It was excruciatingly painful, would hit me in the the middle of the night and kept me from getting a restful night’s sleep for weeks.  After one visit to Pat, I was without pain and after two treatments I have not had pain in my sciatic nerve since.  I now go for regular acupuncture tune-ups on a monthly basis, or more regularly if a problem arises.  It is money well spent and I would recommend it to anyone.”  Mary H.

“I first went to Olympic Acupuncture with shoulder pain, back pain, and fuzziness – felt like needle pricks all down my arm. After telling Pat my symptoms, she suggested that it might be my neck and not my shoulder.  She started the treatments and after a series of 5 visits, my shoulder was pain-free, the fuzziness was almost gone and my neck discomfort was almost gone.  Pat suggested that I continue treatments once a week for a month, then call whenever I feel like a “tune-up”.  I am so happy with my results.  I know I am sleeping better, which makes everything better!!!”  Cynthia S.

“I came to see Pat Flood because I had reached a point where my overall skin itching caused me to damage my skin with scratching.  I had tried everything I could think of:  no more hot showers and baths, changed bath soap and shampoo, and tried all different sorts of lotions.  My visit to a dermatologist yielded vague explanations and a prescription for Allegra which, I was told, could take up to six months to work, and that the condition would probably return any time I became overheated (i.e. the hot tub).  Not finding this a particularly satisfying response, I opted for acupuncture.  I have NOT been disappointed!  During the course of my therapy, we have discussed how menopause has contributed to the condition and how some small changes can improve my situation.  I no longer use commercially prepared lotions or moisturizers and instead use sweet almond oil, with impressive results.  My itching has subsided dramatically, and I feel we are near the point where it will be gone altogether.  And, as a lucky side-effect, my “warm-flashes” (I’ve been fortunate to not have had true hot flashes) have been reduced to almost nothing.  I feel better in an overall way, not just the resolution of my initial complaint. If nothing else, I owe Pat for the return of my sanity which, if you’ve ever suffered with uncontrollable itching, was in serious danger.  Plus, her office is just a pleasant place to be.”   Karen T.

“I came to Olympic Acupuncture in a “clutching-at-straws” quest for help with a condition called “post-stroke fatigue”.  In 2004 I had a stroke from which I largely recovered within a couple of months.  The most debilitating after-effect of the stroke turned out to be a fatigue that left me feeling sleepy most of the time and seemed to be getting slowly worse.  This condition is recognized by western medicine as real and fairly common among stroke survivors, but the cause is unknown and there is no treatment.  I’m not — or at least, wasn’t — a believer in alternative medicine.  On the other hand, it wasn’t likely to do any harm and it’s inexpensive compared to anything mainstream medicine offers.  Clueless, I perused the Port Angeles yellow pages and the internet trying to figure out who to contact.  Pat Flood’s internet page had an email address, so I wrote her asking if she thought my condition might be improved by her treatment.  I’ve dealt with a lot of doctors over the years and they are always very difficult to make contact with.  In sharp contrast, Pat responded to my email within a couple of hours, made not outlandish promises, but suggested that I give her a try.  It’s about 9 or 10 months later as I write this.  I still have not idea how or why acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work.  All I can say is that I feel a hell of a lot better.  I still get more tired than I would like, but the problem feels far more under control.  I’ve learned some things to avoid and some things to seek out.  My life is more balanced, both inside and out.  I owe Pat a great deal.  She’s the only health professional I’ve dealt with since my stroke that actually LISTENED to me, and for that alone I’m very grateful.”  Craig W.

lotus.gif“Three weeks ago I came to Pat with “achy” knees, back tension and a sinus problem I’ve had for many years.  With some reluctance and skepticism I walked into the office. I was met by a truly caring person, concerned with my symptoms, but caring more about me and my health in general.  I now have virtually no knee pain, my back tension has greatly eased and my sinuses are getting better.  All of this has caused me to search for more information about acupuncture.  I find the concepts fascinating.  For me, the bottom line is – it’s working.  I would give acupuncture three thumbs up if I had another one.” Dennis D.

“I have spent a not very good part of my life with a nearly constant upset stomach, kind of like morning sickness without the pregnancy.  Along with my stomach problems, I recently added diagnosed irritable bowel syndromegas, stomach cramps and bloating, to name a few of the symptoms.  I didn’t feel very good.  Then I started treatment with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, a daily dose of apple cider vinegar, and Pat Flood’s excellent counsel.  For the first time in a long time, I feel great!  Thanks, Pat.”  Yvonne S.

“I was diagnosed with acute cystitis.  I was miserable.  The doctor kept trying different pills to ease the pain and nothing worked.  I was up 4-6 times a night to go the the bathroom, and in the bathroom many times during the day.  Even walking irritated my bladder.  The doctor said she had never seen such an “angry bladder”.  I started acupuncture with Pat Flood and after 3 or 4 treatments I started to feel better.  I started noticing it felt better longer during treatments and when it returned it wasn’t as bad.  My last treatment, which was about two months since my first, I had absolutely no pain and no recurrences.  It has now been about three months since my first treatment and I am completely pain-free.” Cheri L.

“Last June, my family doctor told me the severe pain I was experiencing on the left side of my face was probably Bell’s Palsy.  The pain started exactly in the middle of my face and extended to behind my left ear.  I started on a trip to Oregon, but turned back at Olympia because of the pain.  A friend suggested acupuncture.  Pat saw me right away and I believe there were four appointments before she had to make a trip back East.  I was to see her again when she returned, but this wasn’t necessary because the pain was gone!!  Believe me, it seemed like a miracle.  Thank you Pat!!” Barbara A.

“On December 31, 2004, I was given the news that I had breast cancer.   It was suggested that I have 6 treatments of chemotherapy, each 3 weeks apart, and 32 radiation treatments to my chest wall.  On September 28, 2005, I was finally done with this course of treatment.  I knew my immune system had been severely damaged and my general health had been compromised.  It is hard to say what other damage had been done.  Over the next 18 months, I did many things to improve my health….eating better, more positive thinking, more exercise.  I looked really fit and felt pretty good.  But it seemed that every cold and flu bug going around found easy access to my body.  I had chronic bladder infections, herpes and heartburnMy digestion was poor, and I was easily fatigued. I was also becoming depressed and discouraged. I have a friend who had been seeing Pat regularly while going through prolonged treatments for ovarian cancer… and she never seemed to get sick!  I knew her immune system was being hammered by the chemo drugs.  So I decided that I would go talk with Pat and see what she suggested.  That was about nine months ago.  I am so happy that I did!  Today I can tell you that with Pat’s attentive care and suggestions, my immune system is so much stronger.  I don’t remember my last bladder infection or herpes outbreak.  My digestion is vastly improved… which means that my body is now better able to take in the nutrients in the good food I eat.  I have more energy and enthusiasm for my life and relationships.  There is still room for improvement.  I will continue to see Pat and take the supplements and Chinese medicines she recommends.  Trust me, it’s worth the money!!  My world is a better place because she is in it and I want to keep it that way!  If you are in need of help regaining, maintaining or even establishing your health (and who isn’t?), I can certainly recommend that you add Pat to your health-enhancing changes.  You’ll be glad you did!” Kristina L.

Frozen Shoulder x 2 – In January I began to have pain in my upper arms that kept me awake for hours at night until I was sleep-deprived.  The muscles “froze” and I was so limited in movement that I couldn’t reach out without sharp debilitating pain.  I was x-rayed, MRI’d, sent to physical therapy, given pain pills and sleeping pills, and finally told by a shoulder specialist in Seattle that it was a virus and it would go away on it’s own in 12 to 36 months.  Basically, “live with it”.  A co-worker suggested acupuncture.  Quite honestly, I knew nothing about it, nor had it even crossed my mind to try it.  But I was desperate and gave Pat a call.  Within 2 visits I had so much relief from pain.  For the first time in 8 months I could lay down and rest.  It’s been 6 wkks now, and I’m sleeping nights and gaining back the movement in my shoulders.  Best of all, I can teach all day and have plenty of energy.  I sing Pat’s praises to everyone I know.  She truly knows what she is doing.  I only wish I had come to her when all this started nine long months ago.”  Gloria B.

“I have endured arthritic hands, feet (and gout) for over ten years;  the past few years my knees have started to become painful and stiff as well.  I had lost a great deal of functional use of my hands and feet.  I have also had problems getting to sleep at night, with night sweats and severe hot flashes during the day.  The Chinese herb formula has done wonders with the discomfort of hot flashes.  My doctor had tried for two years (without success) to wean me off estrogen.  I would go one or two days and by the third day just couldn’t endure any more!  Over-the-counter hormone therapy was not effective, either.  Since my first treatment with Pat, I have been totally off the estrogen.  The night sweats were minimal at first and are now completely gone (after 5 treatments).  I am able to close my right hand completely for the first time in over 10 years; and, as of my fifth treatment, am now able to close my left hand most of the way, without pain.  I might add that Pat helps each patient with an individual wellness schedule, but also leaves it up to the patient as to how far they want to take treatment.  For me, I want to see just how far I can go with it.  When I reach a point where (I feel) my body is no longer building, I will go to a maintenance plan with longer intervals.  I have personally decided that my body can go further and want to test that factor.  However, if I went no further I would say that I have found immense relief and a greatly enriched quality of life.  Thank you, Pat!”  Judy C.